Protect your build, and your back pocket.

We take the financial worry out of building and renovating for both tradies and their clients.

How it works

Lock in the job, and your payments

We legally safeguard your hard-earned money by holding your payments – in escrow – until the job is complete.


Both parties agree on the cost of a project.


The client deposits the payment with Green Light Escrow.


Tradesperson completes the job.


The client approves of the finished work.


Green Light Escrow releases the payment to tradesperson. Job done.

Made by tradies - for tradies


We guarantee you financial security and peace of mind.

Our platform provides both parties with complete payment security. Adding us to the deal guarantees immediate payment for finished work and keeps any deposits safe.

Tradies and Builders

No chasing payments. No cash-flow stress. Invoice your client before you begin work and be fully confident your payment is ready.


Take the risk out of building, renovating, or any other job. Keep your deposit secure – only when you agree will we release any payment.


Set milestones within larger projects. Each milestone can be individually funded, and payments released or refunded as the project progresses.


Invoice for a job or consulting before you begin work. Be assured your client’s funds are available and guarantee your payday.

Full payment transparency for every business

Late and incomplete payments are a challenge for most businesses in New Zealand. Anyone can use Green Light Escrow – regardless of the job or industry – and ensure full and immediate payment from clients.

Our Pricing

1% Fee

of amount released to tradesperson

Maximum $100 per milestone

Minimum $5 per milestone

GST Exclusive

No subscription.

No sign up fees.

No hidden costs.

Steps to Success

Protect your payments with our simple and secure platform.

See the steps to successfully secure your payments with us.

We're here to help.

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