Guides for Tradies

Use the GET PAID button to create a job.


Enter the job’s details and create milestones for your payments.
– Upload a pdf of your invoice too, and any other relevant documents if required.


Milestones can be split in different ways – such as a deposit and stages of a job… (or not used at all).
– You can save the job to come back to later, or click SEND JOB TO CLIENT.


Send the job to another company – all companies with a Green Light Escrow account will appear as you type.


Or send to an individual/client by simply entering their email address… Your client does not need to already have a Green Light account.


Your client is emailed and invited to accept the job (and make an account if required).

View your job in the Manage Jobs tab.


Select the Milestones & Payments tab within your job.


You can view the payments for all your Milestones here.


Once your Client makes payment, we will confirm we are holding your payment in our secure ANZ trust account.


Request the release of your payment as you complete each milestone.


You will be asked to pay our fee securely via Stripe.


Your Client will be asked to approve that the Milestone has been completed.


We release your payment into your bank account.


Continue having your Milestones funded and getting paid!