Protect your build, and your back pocket

Green Light Escrow takes the financial worry out of building and renovating for both tradies and their clients. (p.s not just for tradies – keep scrolling to read more)

How it works

Lock in the job and your payments.

We safeguard both sellers and buyers by holding your payments – in escrow – until the job is complete. Once both parties agree, the funds are released. For buyers, Green Light Escrow guarantees deposits are kept secure. For sellers, Green Light Escrow provides financial transparency – when the job is done or item is supplied your payment is always on its way.


Both parties agree on a price for the project or item


The buyer (client) deposits the payment with Green Light Escrow


Seller (tradie) completes the job or supply’s the item


Buyer (client) approves the work/item is completed or supplied


Green Light Escrow releases payment to the seller (tradie) Job done


Never have an outstanding invoice again. No chasing payments. No cash-flow stress. Be fully confident your client’s funds are available for full payment before you start a job.

Owners and Developers

Take the risk out of building or renovating. Keep your deposit secure – only when you agree will we release any payment.

Cars, boats and caravans

Your second largest purchase in life will likely involve one of these significant items. It’s crucial to ensure that your hard-earned assets or money, colloquially known as “pingas”, are transacted safely. Our escrow platform provides a reliable solution, helping you secure your valuable transactions with confidence and peace of mind. Remember, the protection of your assets should never be an afterthought.


Set milestones within your quote. Each milestone can be individually funded, and payments released or refunded as the project progresses.


Whether you’re conducting transactions online or in the physical world, adding escrow protection to the deal significantly enhances your experience and security. The landscape of online marketplaces, such as Facebook Marketplace, can be challenging to navigate, with numerous scam artists attempting to take unsuspecting users for a ride. Escrow protection provides an essential safety net, ensuring your transactions are secure, controlled, and stress-free.


Lawyers, engineers, architects, and other professionals are flocking to Green Light Escrow. You can provide an estimate for consulting work, get paid upfront, and ensure your payday before you dive headfirst into the work.

We might have missed something

You can legally and safely trade anything via Green Light Escrow. If you’re uncertain about your standing or need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at We’re available 24/7 and will help you navigate your trade.

All small business owners welcome

We initially developed this service to address the payment difficulties faced by our founder’s small plumbing company, following several negative experiences he had encountered. However, we quickly discovered that this issue wasn’t unique to him, but a common challenge for various small businesses in New Zealand. Moreover, the problem seems to be universally faced by small businesses globally.

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